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Healthy Fresh Fruit Compliments of Ungraded Produce

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

By Lucille Patterson

oranges, apples and pears donated by Ungraded Produce.

Urban Community AgriNomics had the pleasure of tasting wonderful fresh fruits compliments of Ungraded Produce. I'm writing to say how much UCAN, and all the volunteers, enjoyed the recent donation on our We Can! Workday. Everyone was pleased with the quality of the apples, oranges, and pears they provided. To Courtney Bell, CEO of Ungraded Produce, UCAN says, “Thank you!”

Ungraded Produce is a subscription-based produce delivery service that recovers high quality, yet ‘ugly’ and surplus produce from both local and national suppliers. This is then delivered to doorsteps at a discount. Each week, UCAN donates a large quantity of produce to local food banks. We are committed to sourcing the highest quality produce, finding ways to make healthy eating easy and affordable for all, and keeping delicious fruits and vegetables out of landfills! Ungraded Produce is affordable, convenient, and sustainable!

For more information regarding Ungraded Produce, please visit this link:

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